Violette – Stop

Violette – Stop

Music really becomes an experience when you feel the music. That intimate connection you make with the artistry to make the music touch your soul, that makes the music stick with you for time to come. You match that with innovation in the music, and now you have something that is beyond words. That’s what you get from Violette on her new song “Stop”.

Violette brings her major sound to the forefront on her new song “Stop”. The record wastes little time grabbing the listener, with her creative sound that is packed with appeal, that grabs the listener immediately and brings us into her world. The music makes you want to get away and the writing tells it’s story perfectly to bring the vision to life, that is delivered by her amazing vocal performance, to make a record that doesn’t miss for a single second.

Violette’s “Stop” is a major record that shows where high level creativity and appeal meet, to make a digestible sound that will work anywhere in the world. Everything about this record sounds good, as well as feels good alike with a masterful tone being set in the music, that creates a beautiful work of art like no other. Hit play now and enjoy the magic in the music she gives to us all.

Check out Violette “Stop” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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