Kuttem Reese Featuring Chief Keef – All 10

Kuttem Reese Featuring Chief Keef – All 10

One of the hardest things to do as an artist is stand out in Hip Hop. A genre that is packed with many artists and releases, all fighting for the listener’s attention. When you get the time to show people your worth, it’s important not to waste much time, showing why you are the real deal the people need to see. Kuttem Reese understands this and doesn’t waste a single second on his new song “All 10” featuring Chief Keef.

Kuttem Reese comes together with Chief Keef to make a commanding must hear record on the new song “All 10”. It’s always refreshing to hear artists come together, and compliment each others styles, with this record being a shining example of that. They are commanding and holds no punches with a hard approach to the rhymes and flow, to make it an impossible record to turn away from, with each minute just as exciting as the next on this fire record.

Kuttem Reese featuring Chief Keef “All 10” is that record you hear and know one listen wont be enough. It’s packed with raw engaging energy that is met with conviction in it’s approach, to make it not only enjoyable but believable with a realness that can;t be faked. It’s an exciting daring body of work that makes you want to hear it all, and Kuttem has all the sounds you need with his new song project “Kutt Dat Boy”.

Check out Kuttem Reese featuring Chief Keef “All 10” below, as well as his new mixtape “Kutt Dat Boy” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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