Free Union – Keep

Free Union – Keep

One thing there isn’t a shortage of is new music, but one thing there is a shortage of is great soul music. Music that makes an intimate connection with the listener, that you can feel in your soul as you engulfed in the musical experience they bring to the world, to make it a more enjoyable place to be. That type of music is what shines the most about Free Union’s latest release “Keep”.

Free Union creates an soulful musical masterpiece with their new song “Keep”. Free Union grabs you immediately with their incredible production and instrumentation that can’t be ignored nor denied. On top of the incredible production is an amazing vocal performance that delivers their brilliant lyrics with masterful execution in it’s tone that makes for an audio experience like no other.

Free Union’s “Keep” is a song you owe it to yourself to hear if you love music. From beginning to end they give you a masterful display of musicianship, from the production and instrumentation, high caliber vocal performance, and intimate songwriting that makes this record hit on all cylinders.

Check out Free Union “Keep” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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