BOYDEN – Late Night Function

BOYDEN – Late Night Function

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone has good week and ready to have an even better weekend. To kick off the weekends we always bring the best songs, to make sure your weekends start off with the best vibes possible. For this week it was a must we bring the ultra bop provided by BOYDEN on their new song “Late Night Function”.

BOYDEN brings a record filled with vibes you need on their new song “Late Night Function”. The sound is able to capture a retro R&B sound, met with Hip Hop influence to make it knock just right. The writing is fun, just as much as it is relatable with them bringing a song, that sounds like the soundtrack for the weekend. To take it over the top they bring a fresh vocal approach, that is packed with bravado and confident energy to make you not only enjoy the music more, but buy into the artistry in a real way.

BOYDEN’s “Late Night Function” is a must hear record that adds value to your life when you hear it. It stands out from being just a record that sounds good, but a record that feels good to hear with a festive energy to the music that resonates majorly, and makes you want to hear the song again with one listen not being enough, for what they bring to the world to vibe to.

Check out BOYDEN “Late Night Function” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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