Artist Spotlight: Norelle

Artist Spotlight: Norelle

Now more than ever the worlds needs love, and no other genre carries the weight to bring that like R&B music. A genre that flourishes in it’s artist creating soulful intimate experiences of music, as they bare their all through melodies people can feel. That type of experience is becoming more of a rarity, in a time where music can be simplistic, but when artist brings the magic they stick with you and Norelle brings that with her new project “A Story About Love”.

A seven track EP that is a pure soulful masterpiece that is enjoyable for every second. The part that resonates the most is the effort in the music. You her give her all to the music with a vocal approach to the records, that is filled with conviction, as she delivers her truth in the writing that can;t be faked. It not only makes for great music to listen to, but music that you can connect to and be a friend in need to make it that gold standard of R&B we all have grown to love.

Norelle’s “A Story About Love” is a project that stands true to the title, with a sound that feels like love as she brings this story to life, in a real way through her artistry that is a true testament to her supreme level of talent. If you want music to feel, as well an artist to invest your time in then you’ve found your answer with the artist the world will know as Norelle.

Check out Norelle “A Story About Love” and follow her on Instagram, as well as Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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