Bodega Bamz – So Supreme

Bodega Bamz – So Supreme

A true mark of a great artist is one that can take their own personal experience and make incredible music. Baring their soul and making the listener grow true fan attachment to their work. All of that is what Bodega Bamz gives you on his new song “So Supreme”.

Bodega Bamz shines on his ACPG release “So Supreme”. The lyrics are as sharp as can be and packed with game, being matched with a ultra confident flow packed with bravado, that bursts out the seams over this production that captures the true essence of Hip Hop. Each element works brilliantly with the next to bring it all full circle, to make on cohesive dope sound for us all to enjoy.

Bodega Bamz “So Supreme” is the perfect example of what you when you get a super dope beat, matched with a super dope emcee. Bamz is truly superb at telling his own personal experience in a ultra relatable way, while also showing his skills and bravado as an emcee, that comes together to form a masterpiece. The lyrics are incredible, the flow keeps the track moving, and the delivery is filled with conviction that is a true testament to his high level of emceeing.

Check out Bodega Bamz “So Supreme” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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