Rosebudd Featuring GL & Seline Haze – Hazy

Rosebudd Featuring GL & Seline Haze – Hazy

Hip Hop is truly a a genre beyond just sounds. It’s an art of music that gives the voice for the voiceless. Coming far from its genesis of starting in South Bronx, to being a way of life that has transcended cultures like no other. Not only would a lot of artists we love be prominent, without Hip Hop but a lot of things wouldn’t exist without it including our own platform. That love for Hip Hop is what drives us and Rosebudd is able to capture that on her new song “Hazy” featuring GL and Seline Haze.

Rosebudd comes together with GL and Seline Haze to give the perfect ode to Hip Hop on the new song “Hazy”. More and more you hear artists distancing themselves from Hip Hop. Stating they aren’t rappers or what they do is more than the genre, but this record embraces it to the fullest. The production thrives in capturing an authentic sound to pay tribute to the essence, with knocking 808’s and a sample chopped to perfection to bring the vision to life. Each artists pays respect just right with fine tuned flows that you feel the soul in, while being sharp in their story telling to make it all connect righteously for us all to enjoy.

Rosebudd Featuring GL and Seline Haze “Hazy” is the perfect record to give the culture more life. It’s a record that shows the true spirit of Hip Hop, as well as the sophistication to it that is met with fine emceeing to deliver the total package of artistry, on this record that is worth every listen.

Check out Rosebudd Featuring GL and Seline Haze “Hazy” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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