Tamara Bubble – Been Bad

Tamara Bubble – Been Bad

Nothing is better than a record that gives you everything. Those songs you hear that allows the artists to shine with their talents to the fullest, but also gives the fans engaging music that is fun to take in. Those records are always stand out jams to listen to, and the always entertaining Tamara Bubble marvels on her new must hear hit “Been Bad”.

Tamara Bubble lets her star power shine to the fullest on her new song “Been Bad”. The record is the perfect storm of high level artistry, and digestible sounds to make it a record for everyone to enjoy. The verses are super lyrical with impressive word play that shines in her lyrics, that she delivers with his signature charismatic flow that helps takes this song to another level. For the production she brings a high energy up tempo production, that you can hear blaring out fo speakers everywhere, as the world gets to enjoy the star we know as Tamara Bubble.

Tamara Bubble’s “Been Bad” is that super fun music, that is entertaining to enjoy. It’s a record you hit play on, and instantly enjoy life to the fullest on this sure fire hit, that is set to take orbit. If you love impressive artistry, as well as music with unlimited vibes, then you will love every second of this record you should listen to now!

Check out Tamara Bubble “Been Bad” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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