Mad Lollypop – Ferrah’s Song

Mad Lollypop – Ferrah’s Song

One thing there is not a shortage of is new music. Countless releases daily to pick from, but one thing there is a shortage of is must hear music. Music that is undeniable in it’s approach that you can’t get enough, as you get engulfed in the artistry in a real way. Those records are why we do what we do, and Mad Lollypop has one of those records on the new song “Ferrah’s Song”.

Mad Lollypop brings a song with unlimited replay value on the new song “Ferrah’s Song”. The music is big time and has a commanding presence in the sound, that makes it impossible to pass up. For every second they bring exciting music, that is engaging for every second to take in. For the big time sound, they match it with a big time vocal performance that will blow you away, as you enjoy the exciting experience they give the world to enjoy.

Mad Lollypop’s “Ferrah’s Song” is a special piece of audio that makes you an instant fan off the first listen. Instead of going with the flow or following trend, they bring a daring approach to the music that shines from the plethora of new music we hear. It’s captivating music that defies subjectivity, and just a fire hit that one listen won’t be enough for.

Check out Mad Lollypop’s “Ferrah’s Song” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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