Lora Oliver – Summer Indifference

Lora Oliver – Summer Indifference

Happy Saturday!!! Hope everyone is having a good weekend thus far, and ready to live it up even more. For the weekends we always bring the best music for you all to enjoy, to bring the best vibes possible, and an artist that holds this tradition true is Lora Oliver and with her new song “Summer Indifference”.

Lora Oliver delivers music that makes you feel like you’re walking on air on the new song “Summer Indifference”. The production is reminiscent of late 90’s/ early 200’s Pop record, that feels good to the spirit to hear. She marvels at tone and conveying emotion, that is met with appeal in the vocal performance that makes you buy in, in a real way with music that is packed with a blissful vibes that you hope never end.

Lora Oliver’s “Summer Indifference” is next level music, that shows how much of an experience music can still be. it’s beyond a record that sounds good to hear, but it feels good to hear and makes life that much better as you become a fan of her talent. The record is a perfect record to play to enjoy life, with each element of the record working together to make one cohesive sound you can’t go without.

Check out Lora Oliver “Summer Indifference” below. Stay Global my Friends!

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