andreas owens – not much (better than before)

andreas owens – not much (better than before)

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a good week and ready to make the most out of the weekend. To kick off the weekend, it’s important for us to bring the best music out there, to make sure we help with making it more enjoyable. For the must hear jam of the week we have to bring you andreas owens new record “not much (better than before)”.

Being a master of making emotional art pieces, andreas owens gives us more on his new song “not much (better than before). The music is smooth and brings a fresh approach to a classic R&B/ Pop infused sound, that is reminiscent of Neo soul music that released in the early 2000’s. He’s vocally a master of bringing emotion to his tone, with a vulnerability to it that makes you get deep in the music, as he delivers the writing that makes you want to be the best you.

That authentic music experience that you’re craving is what andreas owens brings on his latest effort “not much (better than before). You hear the magic in the music, as each element compliments the next to make some of his finest music to date. If you want music you can feel then you will enjoy every second of this record.

Check out andreas owens “not much (better than before)” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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