It’s always exciting hearing a super group of creatives. Each artist being skilled in their own right, and coming together to make the best thing possible. That music is always fun and breathes life into the culture in a real way to keep it going. The new song from MAD CIRCUIT called “MAMASITA” is one of those songs.

MAD CIRCUIT is a group comprised of producer Joachim “JR” Rygg, rapper LG, and vocalist Sereda who come together to make the must hear “MAMASITA”. The production sets the perfect tone with blaring trumpets, that bring a Spanish swag to the music, complimented by knocking 808s. The rhyming and singing is on point from every artist, with presence in the vocals that have a star quality that shines in the music. The lyrics are upper echelon as well as packed with gems to make this record impossible to deny.

MAD CIRCUIT’s “MAMACITA” is an amazing display of music that the world will enjoy. Each moving aspect of the record plays it part to the fullest, from the super dope production, the impeccable rhyming, and the singing that is packed with appeal to make the perfect storm of incredible must hear music.

Check out MAD CIRCUIT “MAMACITA” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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