I M U R – Sad Girls Club

I M U R – Sad Girls Club

Music grabs you the most when it music that you feel. That intimate experience in the music that you feel in the soul, as you get lost in the artistry. That type of music, is the music that sticks with you for a lifetime, as it’s filled with emotion that you will be able to come to when you need it most. I M U R gives you one of those classic records on the new song “Sad Girls Club”.

The connection music can have with the listener is on full bloom on I M U R’s new song “Sad Girls Club”. Their ability to convey emotion is genius level, with a throwback R&B feel blended a fresh Pop approach in the production setting an intimate tone that puts you in your emotions right away, while the vocal performance takes over and tugs at the heart with each melody. The writing captures the spirit of soul music, with honest and relatable writing that you can apply to your own life, to make it a record that not only sounds good, but makes you take a look inside to show the true power of music.

I M U R’s “Sad Girls Club” is truly a record that hits the mark in every category of music making, to show their unlimited potential. Each element comes together to make art like no other, with amazing production that sets the tone for the writing and vocals perfectly, the vocal tone that you feel, and the writing that is incredible in it’s articulation to make it a record worth diving into.

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