Parris LaVon – HomeGoing

Parris LaVon – HomeGoing

Hip Hop is a genre that people come to, to know more about the artist by listening to their music like no other genre. A genre built off of authentic story telling, from an artist giving their life experiences in the records. That’s why Hip Hop is more than just music, but a lifestyle that we all live, and that is what you get from Parris LaVon on his newest work “HomeGoing”. A two track EP with songs “Brovas” and “Middletown Road” that show his continual growth as a person and artist alike.

Brovas: The first record of the two to set the tone for what we will hear. As life takes us all on our journeys it’s easy to not catch up with friends as much, and he captures this theme perfectly. Giving his all to the people as you hear the pain in his flow, that makes you feel everything that much more, while he delivers supreme lyricism that is daring in it’s approach to bring a high level of transparency in the music, over this piano laced production that plays the perfect score for the vision he brings to life.

Middletown Road: An ode to where he is from. The best thing about these records is the passion he raps with. That energy to it that makes you feel like, these are very much therapy sessions for him just as much as they are records, with this record being a shining example of that. The conviction in the rhyming makes you hang on to every word, as he bares his soul to make some of his best art to date.

Parris LaVon’s “HomeGoing” is a heartfelt masterpiece that you feel in your soul. The artistry shines because of how much honesty he delivers in the music. He’s fearless in his approach and delivers must filled with substance to make us lifetime fans of his work.

Check out Parris LaVon “HomeGoing” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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