MarqBeyond – Necessary Separation (prod by Jay Jackson)

MarqBeyond – Necessary Separation (prod by Jay Jackson)

It’s always great to hear an artist that is enjoyable to listen to. Bringing a great sound that makes for a good listen, but it’s even better when you believe an artist. Someone bringing a high amount of conviction to their artistry, to bring a certain level of authenticity and realism, to their music that you know they lived the rhymes that they are spitting. That’s something you get every time from Grand Rapids own MarqBeyond with his latest effort “Necessary Separation” being the greatest testament to that.

MarqBeyond is back to shake up the culture on his new song “Necessary Separation”. The focus in the music is one of it’s greatest assets, as he shows controlled aggression that sounds like a storm, while we are engulfed in the waves of his artistry. Bringing commanding energy to his approach, he delivers the writing necessary for this Jay Jackson produced beat, with bositierious writing that shows flex, that is also met with honest rhyming to give us a closer glimpse of the man behind the music, to show us where he is in life at the moment.

Marqbeyond’s “Necessary Separation” is that supreme level Hip Hop that made us life long fans of the culture. He is able to showcase his skills to the fullest, as well as make a body of work that you can feel, with an underlying touch of soul to the music, you can feel as he bares it all for the world to enjoy in his finest hour.

Check out MarqBeyond “Necessary Separation (Prod. by by Jay Jackson) below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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