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People come to music to be entertained. To hear engaging music that is an escape, or those high energy vibes that picks the day up, after a long day of work. No other genre delivers on this like Hip Hop. A genre known for it’s infamous swagger to it that the world loves. Flyguy Rufio has that same swagger to him on his new song “Yuk It Up”

FlyGuy Rufio makes a must hear club anthem on his new song “Yuk It Up”. The music is engaging, and edgy with his undeniable presence flourishing in the rapping with bravado filled playboy lyrics, pushing this song far. The flow is on point and delivers everything with supreme confidence that shines in the record, to make something that will keep any party going to the fullest.

FlyGuy Rufio’s “Yuk It Up” is a super dope must hear record, that makes for an exciting experience of music. It’s a festive record that will make people want to enjoy, the music to the fullest with a record that will make you come alive. The flow is on point, and the lyrics ar super dope over this 808 driven production to make it an undeniable anthem.

Check out FlyGuy Rufio “Yuk It Up” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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