Kuttem Reese Featuring Lil Durk – No Statements

Kuttem Reese Featuring Lil Durk – No Statements

To stand out in music today, an artist has to stand out. An undeniable presence to them that makes you stop to listen, and buy in to their artistry. That gets tougher by the day, with countless artists dropping daily to fight for our attention, but Kuttem Reese stands out from the pack with ease on his new commanding record “No Statements” featuring Lil Durk.

Kuttem Reese delivers a must hear smash on his new song “No Statements”. He wastes little time setting the tone with an exhilarating production, that has thrilling tone to it that gets you strapped in for the show he creates. The rhyming is hard edged, with menacing lines delivered by his raw delivery to make each line that much more authentic on a one of a kind Hip Hop experience, from this promising star. Lil Durk whose been in heavy demand brings his signature style to the fullest, to add a dope verse to take this song to another plateau.

Kuttem Reese featuring Lil Durk “No Statements” is that exciting music that people want to hear. It’s an engaging listen for every second with him flexing his presence on us to the fullest, to make you believe in the artist you are hearing. He delivers lyrically in every line, the production makes you bounce, and flow is filled with the charisma of stars to make it the total package.

Check out Kuttem Reese featuring Lil Durk “No Statements” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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