Suiix – The Great Nothing

Suiix – The Great Nothing

Music is art. That element in the sounds that come together and paint a picture for the listener, as vivid as any visual can. Those type of records go beyond being just sounds to listen to, but experiences for the listener to be apart of, and get lost in. That magic in a record is what you get from Suiix on the new song “The Great Nothing”.

Suiix crafts a masterpiece for the listener to dream on the new song “The Great Nothing”. The production sets the ultimate tone with a abstract sound in the pad work, that is met with driving drums to push the music forward. This sound is met with a hypnotizing vocal performance that delivers the writing to perfection, while playing the perfect guide for this new world they bring us in, filled with creativity and innovation.

Suiix “The Great Nothing” is a daring display of music that shows how incredible music can still be when the care is put into it. Each element works in perfect harmony with the next to make one cohesive sound that is enjoyable for every second. The sound is layered in creativity with so many enjoauyble elements, one listen will not be enough to capture the full magic of this record, they serve to the world.

Check out Suiix “The Great Nothing” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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