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Music is something that people come to for entertainment. Even more people come to music to feel good. That thing you can play after a long day to feel good, or that thing you play on a sunny morning to fit the blissful feel that life can get you. That magic in music is what you get from Sophia Messa on the new song “Breakfast in Bed” featuring Avenue Beat.

Sophia Messa comes together with Avenue Beat for the feel good jam “Breakfast in Bed”. The music fits the title perfectly, with an amazing sound that feels good to the spirit to hear, as you get caught up in the great vibes of the record. The vocal performance is mesmerizing and touches the soul with every note, as it makes life more fun for every second that it plays. This is met by the amazing songwriting that plays it part to the fullest, as you enjoy each part of the song to the fullest.

Sophia Messa featuring Avenue Beat “Breakfast in Bed” is the type of record to remind us al why we fell in love with music. It’s music that you just enjoy, as you get caught up in the waves of the special sound that they bring to the world. Anyone who loves good music, has infinite reasons to enjoy this record that doesn’t disappoint on this work of art.

Check out Sophia Messa featuring Avenue Beat “Breakfast in Bed” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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