Nuski2Squad – Laser Tag

Nuski2Squad – Laser Tag

Hip Hop is a genre that connects to the masses like no other. The authenticity and story telling make it the soundtrack to many of our lives. The ability to not only be a dope emcee but share you story in a way that’s relatable, is truly gold in this ever growing genre. An artist who does this to perfection is Nuski2Squad on his new song “Laser Tag”.

Nuski2Squad kicks the Trap Gospel to take you deep on his new song “Laser Tag”. Nuski2Squad has the perfect balance of rapping with power, as you can hear the confidence in his cadence that makes it catchy, but the vulnerability in his voice at a genius level that connects to the soul, that’s perfect to delivery the transparent lyrics to the fullest.

Nuski2Squad’s “Laser Tag” is an honest record beyond his years that is truly daring in it’s approach.He gives an honest take on heavy experiences from his life that make for a raw musical experience that connects to any listener. It’s brilliant in its story telling and innovative in it’s approach from the confidence on the mic, the real in the lyrics, and production that makes for an incredible record.

Check out Nuski2Squad “Laser Tag” as well as follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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