Emadee – shapeshift

Emadee – shapeshift

The reasons why you can like a song are truly infinite. As so many different elements can spark your interests, you can truly find something that works for you, but songs just feel good to hear. Those special records that slow down time for the listener, to take in the music in every way. That music sticks with you and Emadee’s new song “shapeshift” has that sound.

Emadee makes must hear music you can get lost in on the new song “shapeshift”. The true spirit of R&B music is this song’s greatest appeal, with a love feel to it that touches the soul. She’s vocally amazing in her tone, with each note being delivered perfectly to feel it on a spiritual level, over this psychedelic production. The writing also is stand out, with well crafted writing you can hear the care in to make a complete masterpiece.

Emadee’s “shapeshift” is the perfect record to show the life R&B music still has for us all. She marvels in every way to make a sound like no other, while making music you can feel to make it all realer than ever. The art of music is on full display, with the audio bringing a picture to life just as well as the visuals to make it an engaging experience of music to be apart of.

Check out Emadee “shapeshift” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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