Trevor Spitta – How 2 Fly

Trevor Spitta – How 2 Fly

To stand out amongst the countless artist out, it’s important to have presence. That commanding spirit to you, that when people hear they know you are the person they came for. That commanding energy is what makes people stand out, as well as stick with the people, and that type of presence is what you feel from Trevor Spitta on his new song “How 2 Fly”.

Trevor Spitta delivers a super cool record with unlimited flex on his new song “How 2 Fly”. The flow is super saucy, and takes over this track with ease with him throwing around his bravado for all of us to buy into. The lyrics are packed with the raw content and game for people to take in majorly, with him delivering every line with the right amount of confidence to it, to show he’s the real deal over this engaging production packed with saxophone riffs.

Trevor Spitta’s “How 2 Fly” is a super dope record from a super dope artist that anyone who listens to will enjoy. His confidence on the mic in infectious, and makes you enjoy the record just as much, as you can tell he had making it. The record checks the board in every category musically, to make him an artist to watch out for.

Check out Trevor Spitta “How 2 Fly” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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