Cantrell Featuring Grip – Ratchet & Righteous

Cantrell Featuring Grip – Ratchet & Righteous

Collaboratin is best when artists styles complement each other. That natural chemistry in the approach that makes things flow together in it’s own divine way, to make something for the world to enjoy. Those type of collaborations are pure magic, and that’s what you get from Cantrell on his new release “Ratchet & Righteous” featuring Grip.

Cantrell and Grip come together to make a superpower of a record on the new song “Ratchet & Righteous”. The song is lyrically on another plateau, with both emcees packing power in every line to knock out your speakers, building excitement for every second. The flows are exhilarating and packed with the power necessary to deliver the heavy writing, as they come together to make one amazing sound that puts the culture on notice, on this Hip Hip master class they display.

Cantrell featuring Grip “Ratchet & Righteous” is the perfect record to show the true power of a collaboration record. They add to each other’s talent in a real way, to give the people the more they seek in their music. It’s a record that brings purists and casuals together with a digestible sound in the production, matched with supreme lyricism to make a record like no other.

Check out Cantrell featuring Grip “Ratchet & Righteous” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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