Jidé – Time Enough

Jidé – Time Enough

In December 2020, we announced our Top Five Artists to Look Forward to in 2021. A selection of five artists who we knew would make a definite impact on the culture. The music from this class has not disappointed with one release, with each artists showcasing why we believe in their talent. From award recipient Jidé he delivers something supreme on his new release “Time Enough”.

Jidé makes a R&B classic for the times on his new song “Time Enough”. His signature approach is masterful, as you hear the growth and polish to his tone, that you hear the hours of work shining in the talent that you hear. The writing is well crafted just as it is relatable and something we call can feel, as he takes on time not being enough for a partner, that men and women will be able to sing along to, with all the soul they have.

Jidé’s “Time Enough” is the perfect representation of his artistry, as well as a musical gem that shines to the fullest. He is a natural hit maker who understands how to use all of his talented, to make not only dope music but disgestible music that you can play for anyone, and they will enjoy it to the fullest, with this fresh release being a testament to that statement.

Check out Jidé “Time Enough” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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