Artist Spotlight: Matt Nye

Artist Spotlight: Matt Nye

Hip Hop is the true soundtrack of the lives of it’s fans. That music that sticks with you because of the authenticity in the music, and story telling that makes you feel the music, as well as relate to it in a real way. That type of approach is harder to find in these times, but when you hear it you instantly become a fan of it. That’s what shines about the emcee Matt Nye.

Matt Nye is a super talented emcee who puts his all into his music, to the point you feel every record. He has a lyrical presence to him, that shows of his incredible pen that can be razor sharp to cut up, any beat he shows out on, and then he get take it a totally different direction, and bring a high level of transparency, matched with soul to the music to make you connect with his artistry.

The true spirit of Hip Hop shines in music as he kicks original flavor in his music to show understanding of being an artist worth listening to, with the care in his craft resonating to the fullest to make you get invested. He has a wide range of sounds, that purists and casual fans will enjoy alike, to bring the total package of emceeing for the world to dive into and enjoy.

Check out Matt Nye “Nyestalgic” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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