Neak – What’s Really Here (Official Video)

Neak – What’s Really Here (Official Video)

Being a great emcee means a voice for the people. That artistry that paints the picture to represent the voiceless. An artist who has always done that is Neak. The Chicago bred emcee has always made it a point, to make music that sparks change with, powerful soul music that you can feel, as well as leave with a better understanding. That’s all on full display on his new song “What’s Really Here”.

Neak captures the essence of Chicago’s inner city on his new song “What’s Really Here”. The music sounds like the Chicago streets, with a raw authenticity to the music that makes you picture legendary venues, and brick houses as he take us on this journey. He not only captures the ills of Chicago, but he does it in a way that can speak for anyone, in these conditions that is a testament to his lyrical ability. Each line is delivered with his flow that floats over this soul sample, that slides like a brush to a canvas on this picture he creates.

Neak’s “What’s Really Here” is a record that keeps the high tradition of Hip Hop being the news for the culture on this special record. His skills shine to the fullest on this impressive audio and visual, but his message shines even more, with a glimpse into reality that brings much needed awareness.

Check out Neak “What’s Really Here” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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