Luh Kel – F Love

Luh Kel – F Love

Now more than ever, artists are wearing their hearts on their sleeve. Adding a high level of transparency to the music, as they give complete honesty in the music to make that much more authentic for the listener. These records are connecting more and more, with a spiritual connection being there as you feel the emotion and pain in the music given in the artistry. Luh Kel is the perfect representation of that with his new song “F Love”.

Luh Kel delivers an emotional heartbreak anthem on his new song “F Love”. The sound is the perfect blend of Hip Hop and R&B, with a trap sound in the production that gives the song it’s bounce. He’s the perfect combination of confident and vulnerable, with a presence to the vocal approach that packs bravado, while still showing emotion in the delivery and writing to make it felt just right, on this new age sound of R&B music.

Luh Kel’s “F Love” is that music packed with honesty that you can feel. He’s daring in his approach to take his own life experiences, and delivers it in the form of music for the world to relate to. It’s enjoyable in every aspect of music to to make it worth every listen, and filled with great emotion to give it replay value for time to come.

Check out Luh Kel “F Love” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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