Limón Limón – Attention

Limón Limón – Attention

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a good week and ready for an even better weekend. For Fridays it’s known and expected for us to bring sure hits to the platform. Those mega jams that are undeniable and go beyond preference, but just pure enjoyable records you can’t go without. That is something you can always expect from Limón Limón with their new song “Attention” being a shining example of their sound.

Limón Limón delivers some of the their finest work to date on the new song “Attention”. The song delivers in every way to make something that feels good to the spirit to listen to. The production is the perfect blend of Pop and Rock with a retro feel brought out by the harmonica break, that makes it fun to enjoy. To match the sound they bring a big time vocal performance that is filled with appeal, to bring the writing to life to make it music to get lost in for every second.

Limón Limón’s “Attention” is a song that you owe it to yourself to hear. It truly lives up to the title with this record, being worth your full attention to enjoy the amazing sound they create. It’s a true work of art musically that has a global appeal that will take it far, and a brilliant display of their sound for anyone who listens to enjoy.

Check out Limón Limón “Attention” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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