Jai Musiq – Kush Coma

Jai Musiq – Kush Coma

This past Tuesday as a holiday for weed smokers everywhere. 4/20 making itself known for a day for people to enjoy this special plant we all love. As much as this holiday has grown, its still an everyday thing for us all. So many benefits to enjoying cannabis, it goes far beyond just a thing to be silly with. That smooth vibe and thoughts that it can create, is what Jai Musiq captures perfectly on his new song “Kush Coma”.

Jai Musiq is as smooth as ever as he takes us high on his new song “Kush Coma”. The music makes you chill instantly, with a smooth guitar groove that sets the tone for record. With the tone set Jai shows off his incredible melodic tone that takes you off your feet, as you get lost in the music and takes you higher like the best strains out there. The writing shines to the fullest and shows his ability to bring a concept to life to make work of art for people everywhere.

Jai Musiq’s “Kush Coma” is a record that will leave you stuck. As much as we are all on the move, this is a record that leaves the listener at a stand still, for a special piece of audio that makes time slow down to enjoy the music limitlessly. For weed lovers everywhere this is the perfect song to get lost in, and for casuals this is the perfect weather to feel the closes thing to a high for you.

Check out Jai Musiq “Kush Coma” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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