TaReef KnockOut – Small Town

TaReef KnockOut – Small Town

Getting familiar with an artist is always enjoyable. Hearing their different approaches to music, to make something enjoyable to listen to. An artist who can take his sound to any side of the spectrum is TaReef KnockOut. A supremly talented emcee who always has great content and subject matter, and with his latest release “Small Town” he shows off his story telling to the fullest on his new song “Small Town”.

TaReef KnockOut slows it down to make something smooth on his new song “Small Town”. TaReef is known for having a commanding presence, with impressive lyricism but on his latest record he shows off his swagger. The sound is super smooth, and makes you chilll as you take in the sound. Once he has you he floats all over this record with a masterful tone, in his melodic approach that shows his wide range of talent, and deliver this love story just right.

TaReef KnockOut’s “Small Town” is that Hip Hop that anyone can enjoy. It’s the type of cool sound that you can vibe to, with someone special and enjoy alike. He still shows off his high level lyricism he’s known for, while making a record digestible for the masses. Hit play now and enjoy the vibes and story telling of an artist who has a knockout hit every time.

Check out TaReef KnockOut “Small Town” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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