Silent Income – Private Dance Night

Silent Income – Private Dance Night

As much as there is no shortage of new music to listen to, there’s still not a lot of songs that have that magic to them. Those songs you play that make all of your problems go away, as you get swept up in the vibes of the music, that you hope never ends. That special sound is hard to find but when you do hear it, you appreciate every second of it, and thats what you get from Silent Income on the new song “Private Dance Night”.

Silent Income makes you want to get lost in the grooves on the new song “Private Dance Night”. The reasons to like this record are truly infinite and the greater question is what’s not to like about this amazing record. Everything is done at a supreme level that makes you leave the critiques at the door, and get lost in the beauty in the music. The vocals are hypnotizing and melt you with every note, over this production filled with grooves that take over the mind and spirit alike, to make you dance all night.

Silent Income’s “Private Dance Night” is a special piece of audio you will not be able to get enough of. As soon as the song is over you will want to hear it again, with the music being enjoyable beyond limits. The magic and power of music is on full bloom on this record, and will make a lifetime fan out of anyone who listens.

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