Javyn Knight – The Sign

Javyn Knight – The Sign

Hip Hop can be so many things, with therapy being one of them. That release that comes from the audio, that lets the artist and consumer get all of their emptions out in a major way. It’s those moments the music can bring that makes it timeless, and rising rapper Javyn Knight has one of those records with his new song “The Sign”.

Javyn Knight gives his all to his fans and music on his new song “The Sign”. He lays it all out there for the world to take in, with an invigorating melodic flow that pushes every bar right to the chest of the listener. The lyrics are heavy and he carries them to the fullest, with transparency that helps the authenticity of this genre live on through the music.

Javyn Knight’s “The Sign” is a daring record from an artist that is ready for the world. He approaches the music with no fear, and it’s ever so apparent in the music. It’s an unapologetic piece of audio art, that showcases his talent to the fullest, while giving that soul to the record that his fans will be able to come to for a lifetime.

Check out Javyn Knight “The Sign” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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