Sabrina Sounds – Rollercoaster

Sabrina Sounds – Rollercoaster

A genre that people will also run to when they need it most is R&B. A genre that was built off of artists pouring their soul into the music, to connect with the listener not only vocally, but lyrically as well dealing with love like no other genre. A record that you will love and that is rooted in the spirit is Sabrina Sounds on her new song “Rollercoaster”.

Sabrina Sounds makes a super relatable must hear record on the new song “Rollercoaster”. Sabrina brings a throwback sound in the production that feels good to hear, as it sets the tone for the magic she creates in the music. She’s masterful in her tone and conveys emotion brilliantly to deliver the writing the right away, as she takes us a journey of the rollercoaster ride of relationships we’ve all been through.

Sabrina Sounds “Rollercoaster” is an amazing record that shows how much life R&B music still has. The record delivers in every way to make it a stand out record. From the great production, incredible singing you can feel, and the writing she gives her all to make something not only people cn enjoy, but connect to in a real way to make it a masterpiece.

Check out Sabrina Sounds “Rollercoaster” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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