LLusion Featuring Salem Ilesue – Yoga

LLusion Featuring Salem Ilesue – Yoga

It’s always refreshing to hear the art in the music. Music can sometimes be so routine, or mundane with hearing so many trends, that you can forget the magic and creativity that music can posses, when an artist is daring enough to try something new. That new fresh sound that we all love to enjoy is what you will love from the latest release from LLusion called “Yoga” featuring Salem Ilesue.

LLusion comes together with Salem Ilesue for the innovative new sound in “Yoga”. The Lo-fi approach is one of the greatest assets of the record, with a hypnotizing feel that lets you get lost in the music, as times stops for this special sound. Once they grab you they deliver the impressive writing to the fullest, with an amazing vocal performance that melts into the production perfectly, to make a record that truly connects in every way possible.

LLusion featuring Salem Ilesue “Yoga” is that high level of music that shows you can have true artistry in the music, while still being digestible for the masses to enjoy. The record has unlimited appeal in the sound that will take it far, and gives a supreme level of artistry to enjoy and admire limitlessly.

Check out LLusion featuring Salem Ilesue “Yoga” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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