Jance – 4 Brothers Freestyle (Official Video)

Jance – 4 Brothers Freestyle (Official Video)

Music videos have long been our gateway into an artist life. Giving you a glimpse of their life not only through the music, but the visuals as well. It’s that care to them, that makes people feel like they are getting to know their favorite artist in a deeper way, as they paint a picture for you to connect to. That spirit is what you get from the new visuals from Jance’s latest video for “4 Brothers Freestyle”.

Jance always reps his city to the fullest, and he continues that on his latest visuals for “4 Brothers Freestyle”. Anyone from Grand Rapids, will know the location of the video and will appreciate it right away, being at one of the most famous chicken spots in the city, that inspired the title. For outsiders its a nice glimpse of the rawer part of the city, that a lot of us have lived a lot of life in and learned life lessons to make an authentic experience that anyone can relate to enjoy, the picture he brings to life to the fullest.

Jance’s “4 Brother Freestyle” is a piece of art that represents his artistry to the fullest, and will make a fan of anyone who listens. He lays it all on the line in his music, and that willingness to bare himself to the world, is what makes him a must hear talent, that puts on for his city every chance he gets. If you love good music, especially Hip Hop music with that soul in it, you will love everything about this record.

Check out Jance “4 Brother Freestyle” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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