Mystery Friends – Someday

Mystery Friends – Someday

There’s just something about a big record that feels special. That music you hear and right away you hear the magic, and appeal in the record that gets you invested. These type of songs always stand out from the plethora of new releases, with a feel to them that you and hear, and know this is something that world is meant to hear. That stand out sound is what you get from Mystery Friends on their new song “Someday”.

Mystery Friends makes a mega hit that is set for the stars on the new song “Someday”. The reasons to enjoy and admire this song is truly infinite. Each element you can hear, being well crafted with the care in the music shining to the fullest. The vocal performance is big time and carries the weight of this production to make it truly must hear. It not only connects musically but the appeal of the music, makes it something that you expect to hear everywhere, in more ways than one to make it a song you shouldn’t go without.

Mystery Friends “Someday” is the right record at the right time to show how music can transcend cultures. Nothing about this record is subjective, with an undeniable level of skill and artistry being on full bloom for us all to dig into. If you love good music, you will love every second of the art they give to the world.

Check out Mystery Friends “Someday” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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