Sparkle – Easy

Sparkle – Easy

Every one has their own preference in what they want out of music, but everyone is looking for an authentic experience. That music that you can feel the realness that delivers, great music you can feel. That’s one of the best part of R&B music. A genre that built its reputation from love songs that have brought people together for ages. That authentic R&B is what you will love from Sparkle on her new song “Easy”.

Sparkle shines with her wine approach to music that gets better with time on the new song “Easy”. The music captures the true art of a love song, with each element playing its part to the fullest. The production sets the tone with a smooth feel, that Sparkle’s vocals glide over effortlessly, as she delivers the writing that captures the feeling of love to perfection ,that makes you want to share with someone special in your life, to make it a must hear.

Sparkle’s “Easy” truly lives up to the title with it being a song you enjoy effortlessly. It’s a record that you can play and just enjoy, as you get engulfed in the waves of the music she brings to us. It is R&B music at it’s finest with an authenticity to the sound that can’t be faked, and can only be delivered by someone who packs soul in their approach.

Check out Sparkle “Easy” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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