iyah may Featuring Saint Lane – XO Girl

iyah may Featuring Saint Lane – XO Girl

Happy Saturday!!! Hope everyone is having a super dope weekend thus far. For a super dope weekend, we try to bring you the best music we can find. That music that is turly big time in it’s approach on it’s quest to make something must hear. No other record embodies that right now like iyah may’s new song “XO Girl” featuring Saint Lane.

The new collaboration between iyah may and Saint Lane is a special record that you will fall in love with instantly on the new song “XO Girl”. The production sets the perfect tone with bright sound full of knocking trap 808’s to keep you moving, while iyah delivers in every way. Her presence is undeniable and feels good to hear, with her swaggy melodic approach, that works wonders to deliver the impressive songwriting to the fullest. Saint Lane takes this over the top with impressive emceeing he’s known for to take this record to it’s rightful destination.

This incredible record “XO Girl” is the perfect statement record to show how big time she will be. The song has mass appeal of stars, with everything playing it’s own special role in making a must hear record for the masses. The production is amazing, the vocal approach is just right for the music, and the writing paints the picture to the fullest.

Check out iyah may featuring Saint Lane “XO Girl” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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