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Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone has a great week and ready for an even better weekend to enjoy great music. We always bring the best music we can find. That music that is game changing and undeniable that goes beyond preference, but just sheer great music. That music is forever and thats what we get from the newest collaboration between Nicky Jam, French Montana, and Dzharo & Khanza on the new song “You Are My High” remix.

Nicky Jam brings together French Montana, and Dzharo & Khanza on the trilingual smash “You Are My High (Remix)”. The music embodies the greatest strength of music, and thats bringing different cultures together to make one amazing sound. Each artists shines in their own original style that they are known for, while also putting on for their own respective culture to make a record that, is hard to pass on. The production knocks with infectious grooves for them to put on a show full of replay value for the world to rock to.

Nicky Jam featuring French Montana, Dzharo & Khanza “You Are My High (Remix)” is that super dope music that is always just on time. As the world is getting back warm, they bring a song hot on the cusp on summer to blaze a trail, for people to dance to. Hit play now and enjoy the vibes of this amazing record.

Check out Nicky Jam featuring French Montana and Dzharo & Khanza “You Are My High (Remix)” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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