Kuk Seung Pyo – Meaningless

Kuk Seung Pyo – Meaningless

What seems to be a forgotten art in music is songwriting. With music being simplified in recent times, and production driven, it’s easy to forget about the lyrical aspect of a record, but when you hear an amazingly written record you miss the feel of when this was the standard, and Kuk Seung Pyo delivers that gold standard music on his new song “Meaningless”.

Kuk Seung Pyo delivers a masterpiece you must hear on his new song “Meaningless”. The sound is soulful, and sets the perfect tone for the writing and vocal approach to shine. The writing is supreme, with each line hitting the soul with masterful precisions, with a vocal cadence that’s strong enough to deliver it all just right to make it a record hat clicks in every way.

Kuk Seung Pyo’s “Meaningless” sounds like the first song you hear from your new favorite artist. He does everything to a supreme level, to not only give a music master class, but a soulful musical experience full of appeal that will last the listener for time to come.

Check out Kuk Seung Pyo “Meaningless” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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