Jance – 4 Brothers Freestyle

Jance – 4 Brothers Freestyle

One of the greatest attributes of Hip Hop artists is their ability to bring people into their life through the music. That full transparency in the lyricism, that makes the music connect more with the truth and realism that creates an authentic experience like no other. It’s that element that makes people lifetime fans of artists and this genre alike, and Grand Rapids own, Jance continues to give that on his newest release “4 Brothers Freestyle”.

Jance is more daring than ever on his new song “4 Brothers Freestyle”. One of Jance’s greatest strengths is his ability to tell his story, in a way that one can apply to self and it’s ever more apparent in this record. He bares it all for the listener to take in, while still being sharp lyrically to make it a record that doesn’t miss. The signature flow is commanding, and makes his presence felt for every second with a conviction in the delivery that drives each line home.

Jance’s “4 Brother Freestyle” is a piece of art that represents his artistry to the fullest, and will make a fan of anyone who listens. He lays it all on the line in his music, and that willingness to bare himself to the world, is what makes him a must hear talent, that puts on for his city every chance he gets. If you love good music, especially Hip Hop music with that soul in it, you will love everything about this record.

Check out Jance “4 Brother Freestyle” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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