The mark of a true artist, is the transparency in the music. That daring approach of baring yourself in the music, for the world to take in and decide if they will become a fan. That fearless approach is what helps music resonate, BEARNIE’s new release “Done” is music you can feel.

BEARNIE gives an honest work of art on the new song “Done”. It’s music you can feel in every way with her giving us modern day pop soul music. The production is intimate and the perfect score for her relatable lyrics, that hit home for the masses. The vocal approach has that right touch of emotion and vulnerability to deliver the lyrics just right to every line hit the way it is meant to.

BEARNIE’s “Done” is the music that always finds you when you need it the most. She’s fearless in the music, and allows herself to be vulnerable to the world, that works wonders not only musically, but artistically as well, with everyone getting a glimpse of the person behind the music.

Check out BEARNIE “Done” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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