The Millennial Club – messing with my head

The Millennial Club – messing with my head

Good song is always on time. Those musical gems that you feel in your soul, as it has all the right words, to describe how you feel without ever telling a soul. Those intimate experiences is what makes music timeless, and that timeless feel is what you get from The Millennial Club on the new song “messing with my head”.

The Millennial Club makes a soulful work of art on the new song “messing with my head”. Everything about this record makes you fall in love with music again, with a sound like no other. The production sets the right tone for what takes place, with the perfect blend of Pop and R&B working in perfect harmony. The writing is relatable and something we all can feel, as it takes on heartbreak in a fresh way, with each line being delivered in a tone full of heart and emotion to make it that much more special.

The Millennial Club’s “messing with my head” is the perfect record to show the power of music, and why it’s something we will forever run to. The emotional connection with the music makes with the listener, is a true testament to the level of music they crafted, with it all coming together to make one cohesive sound you can feel.

Check out The Millennial Club “messing with my head” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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