SosMula – Vanilla Sky

SosMula – Vanilla Sky

The longer a record is, means the more time you have to wow the listener. Being able to make sure you show off all of your talent with the time you have provided, but when a record is short, every second counts. Not a single second can be wasted, as you have to put it all on the line in a short window. With SosMula’s new song he brings you a thrilling experience on “Vanilla Sky”.

SosMula is gone in 60 seconds on his new song “Vanilla Sky”. He comes in with a bang and gives you high engaging energy  at every turn. The rhyming is menacing matched with a vicious flow, that tears this hard production into pieces by the time he’s done with it to make it must hear to the fullest.

SosMula’s “Vanilla Sky” is a record that doesn’t miss. He understands the importance of the time he has, and delivers a masters full of replay value. The signature City Morgue sound is on full bloom, on this track that’s on fire and ready for the world.

Check out SosMula “Vanilla Sky” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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