Alyssa Trifonova – Что тебе нужно?

Alyssa Trifonova – Что тебе нужно?

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a good weekend and ready to start the week off right with us. To kick off the week, we always give our best to help kick things off in a real way, to make things as enjoyable as possible for you all. To make it right we have to bring this global hit from Alyssa Trifonova called “Что тебе нужно?”

Alyssa Trifonova catches amazing R&B vibes for her new song “Что тебе нужно?” The magic and beauty in rhythm and blues shines bright for this young promising talent. The vocal tone is rooted in pure soul, and you hear each element in your heart to make it that much more real for the listener. The production plays its part to the fullest, as it brings the perfect vibes for the picture she creates to make it an authentic experience of music like no other.

Alyssa Trifonova’s “Что тебе нужно?” is that amazing music that you hope to hear when discovering music. All of it plays it’s part to the fullest, and compliments each other to make one amazing sound. She vocally masters her tone and conveys emotion brilliantly, and delivers the writing to perfection to make it enjoyable for every second.

Check out Alyssa Trifonova “Что тебе нужно?” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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