Ai Kakihira – IBU

Ai Kakihira – IBU

Music is at it’s finest when it just feels good to hear. That music that has so many good elements to it, that you like just for the simple reason it’s just very enjoyable to hear. That type of music will always leave the listener lost in the grooves, and enjoying the vibes. That type of music is what you get from Ai Kakihira on her new song “IBU”

Ai Kakihira makes a creative work of art you will enjoy limitlessly on the new song “IBU”. The grooves do something to the spirit, with each moving melody being just as enjoyable as the next, to make a true work of art. The vocal performance is a match made in heaven in it’s pure tone with the production, that creates an endless amount of excitement to the special audio with this creative sound coming out the speakers.

Ai Kakihiras “IBU” is a special record that truly encompasses the high amount of creativity music can still posses. It’s truly an amazing work of audio that defies the subjectivity of music, to be one amazing record that you must make room in your life for immediately, if you love music that is beyond words.

Check out Ai Kakihira “IBU” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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