YSN Flow – Money Man

YSN Flow – Money Man

Music will always connect when it’s real. Countless releases everyday makes it hard for true music to shine, but that music that has soul to it, and that’s real will always connect to the world. It’s that truth that keeps the culture moving forward everyday and an artist who does this to perfection is YSN Flow with his new song “Money Man”.

YSN Flow is truly a master of his craft and you can hear it in his latest song “Money Man”. Most emcees just lay vocals on the beat, where Flow actually uses his vocals like a musician on a track, providing melodic tones and creating emotion with it, with the same mastery of a musician with their respective instrument. The lyrics stay authentic and, while delivering his melodic flow filled with conviction.

YSN Flow’s “Money Man” is an impressive track in every way that is a banner in the rafters for this talented artist. It’s everything that makes people lifelong fans, with a soulful and authentic feel that can’t be faked, with him giving his all in his music for his fans.

Check out YSN Flow “Money Man” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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