Talia Jackson – Hidden

Talia Jackson – Hidden

Going through so much music you can only hope to find some good gems along the way but what’s even sweeter is finding the next big star. That artist you hear and you know for certain without a doubt they will be huge, and you will hear their name around the world. The person I am talking about is Talia Jackson with her new song “Hidden”.

Talia Jackson delivers an instant must hear smash on her new song “Hidden”. The music is big and her presence even more. The production is packed with a world ready sound, that Talia’s big time vocals shine over. The writing is catchy and fun, with a feel that makes you want to learn the words instantly on this super exciting record she gives to the world.

Talia Jackson’s “Hidden” is one of those big time records that can only come from someone who is a true star. She shines in every imaginable in not only the music, but the visuals was well on this record that is set to go to the stars and beyond.

Check out Talia Jackson ‘Hidden” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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