Del Water Gap – Sorry I Am

Del Water Gap – Sorry I Am

As much as much is about sound good, it’s also just as important to have a sound that feels good to hear as well. That blissful feel you get in the music, that makes life better as you take in the music, and enjoy the vibes created by the artistry. That feeling is what keeps people coming back for more, and more is what you get from Del Water Gap on the new song “Sorry I Am”.

Del Water Gap delivers a mega must hear record on the new song “Sorry I Am”. The production sets the tone perfectly, with great appeal in the sound that helps take it far, with a sound that’s ready for the world to enjoy. His presence is commanding and enjoyable, as he delivers his masterful vocal tone that melts you with every note, while he delivers the writing to the fullest to make this a perfect record, in every single way.

Del Water Gap’s “Sorry I Am” is where appeal and musical mastery meet. It has a sound that can take this record to the stars, with music being done at an undeniable level that goes beyond the subjectivity of music. He sounds like the next big artist worth investing in, and delivers to the fullest in not only the music, but the visuals as well to sell this vision to the fullest.

Check out Del Water Gap “Sorry I Am” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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