Lil Eazy E – It Ain’t Over

Lil Eazy E – It Ain’t Over

Being an artist can bring many challenges. Competing with so many artists and sounds to stand out make it one of the toughest things ever. The only thing to make it tougher, is standing up to the standard of greatness set by a legend. Letting people know where you come from, and knowing the expectations that comes with it. That pressure is what is on Lil Eazy E, who’s father is The Godfather of Gangsta Rap, Eazy E. To handle that pressure he make something must hear on his new song “It Ain’t Over”.

Lil Eazy E stands out and delivers Hip Hop greatness on his new song “It Ain’t Over”. His presence shines through right away, and keeps delivering for every second, with a commanding flow that you hear the confidence and conviction in to make it all felt. The production plays the perfect stage for the show he creates, with a hard west coast sound that you can hear blaring out of speakers everywhere, as we all take in his great lyricism to make him a true stand out worth listening to.

Lil Eazy E’s “It Ain’t Over” is a super dope record that keeps his father’s legacy alive, as well as show off his own skills as an artist. He delivers in every way to give people something enjoyable to listen to, with great production that is engaging, and handles his rhyming well, his raw lyricism, and his flow that’s ride in pocket to make it all click just right.

Check out Lil Eazy E “It Ain’t Over” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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